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 School - Camp Trip Planner - Jumpnasium

School Trip Bus
Get ready for a terrific School or Camp Field Trip at Jumpnasium!! Careful planning is the key.

Start planning as early as you can. Call NOW to check for availability.

Four Weeks Before
During this pre-planning period, you'll research sites, make necessary arrangements, and get the authorizations you need for your Schools or Camps field trip.
Two Weeks Before
This is when you'll start collecting what you need (such as permission slips, Jumpnasium Waivers, and chaperones). Print a list of the Students, Supplies, and Chaperones to take with you.
Two Days Before

Use this time as your final chance to get everything ready before you leave and avoid last-minute surprises. Now that your advanced planning is done, you can take care of some final field trip details.            

Confirm site reservation        

Contact the site to confirm your reservation     

Confirm transportation        

Confirm chaperones

Make sure your chaperones know when and where to meet you             

Prepare name badges             

Send a final reminder        

Send parents a letter or e-mail message          

Give non-attendees their assignment        

Print the updated attendance list just before you leave.

Once you arrive at Jumpnasium

Have all the kids stay in the bus in the parking lot. Call ahead (973-808-1700) and tell us when you have arrived and someone from Jumpnasium will come out to meet you (Keep the kids in the bus.). Collect all the waivers as you leave the bus. If you are bringing your own lunch bring it in and we will put it in our lunch room.

After your Camp or School Field Trip
Take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped with the field trip and share what you and your students learned. Take notes for next year and book early to reserve your spot!!

NJ Camp - School Field Trip Planner

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